Donate Your Images

Thank you for donating your hard-earned images to these volumes! Those photos selected for use in these books will include photographic credit in the caption. Uploading images to this website implies that the person claiming credit owns the rights to the photo and also implies consent to non-exclusive one time use in these volumes and any subsequent editions.

Aesthetic Requirements

  1. Animals must be in natural or naturalistic settings.
  2. Animals should be from Arizona.
  3. Animals and scenes should be well-lit.
  4. Animals and scenes should be naturally colored.
  5. The animal should be crisply in focus.
  6. In general, animals should be posed so that characters that facilitate identification are visible.
  7. We are looking mostly for full body shots and head shots of each species. In these cases, the animal should largely fill the frame.   However, we are also interested in artistic photos of animals in landscapes (that show habitat) and animals exhibiting natural behaviors.

Technical Specifications

  1. JPEG, TIFF, RAW, and PSD formats are acceptable.
  2. Submit images in their native resolution and size.
  3. Please do not crop images.
  4. Images must be a minimum of 300 PPI.

File Naming

Files must be named as follows.  Failure to use this file naming convention will result in your images being sorted incorrectly, which can result in them being missed during the selection process.

Filenames start with the Genus_species name (the only acceptable combinations are below). This should be followed by name of the county of origin. Last, should be your name as you’d prefer to see it in the photo credit. There can be no spaces in the file name, words must be separated by underscores. Different photographs can have the same file name — both will be saved.


  • Incilius_alvarius_Maricopa_Carlos_Castenada.jpg
  • Sauromalus_ater_Coconino_Axl_Rose.jpg
  • Hyla_arenicolor_Gila_Herbert_D_Twitcher.tiff

Click here or scroll down to review the Genus_species combination names that may be used to name files Please use the combinations listed below — we cannot accept alternatives.

Upload Your Images

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.

Max 10 files per upload, 256MB per file.  If you get an error on a file, please remove that file from the list, submit the other files, and then retry the file you removed.  If you would like to upload larger files, files other than the allowed formats, or if you’re having any difficulty uploading files, please contact .